Sports Premium Funding

Primary schools have been receiving additional funding since 2013 to support sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport. This Government funding can only be spent on PE and sport in primary schools in an aim to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

At Dinting, we support children to develop a love of physical activities and sport and we recognise the importance of encouraging children to remain fit and active.

The links between physical activity, improved social and emotional wellbeing and educational attainment have always been important to the school and we have continued to prioritise physical activities.

We aim to instil sporting values in all the children; encouraging fair play, team work, communication, respect for other players and resilience.

As children return to school, physical activity remains a priority as we support the children to recover from the impact of Coronavirus.

2022-2023 Sports Premium Action Plan

2021-2022 Evidencing Impact of PE and Sport Premium 

2021-2022 Sports Premium Action Plan

2020-2021 Sports Premium Funding Review

5 Key Indicators that schools should expect to see imprivement across

PDF: 2018-2019 Action Plan

PDF: 2018-2019 Funding Review

PDF: 2019-2020 Action Plan

PDF: 2019-2020 Funding Review

PDF: 2020-2021 Action Plan

PDF: 2020-2021 Funding Review

PDF: 2021-2022 Action Plan

PDF: 2021-2022 Evidencing Impact of PE and Sport Premium

PDF: 2022-2023 Action Plan

PDF: Sports premium statement 2023-24