Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) On Tuesday 21st January we will be welcoming an inspector into school. The purpose of their visit is to establish how effective Dinting School’s distinctive Christian vision is established and promoted at all levels to enable pupils and adults to flourish. Our school vision is taken from the Gospel of Matthew ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. This reflects the view that everyone is loved and cherished and no one is left behind. The inspector will have a very busy day, the timetable is yet to be finalised. However, he will be observing our collective worship. On Tuesday our worship will be a Eucharist service held in school. Friends and family are very welcome to join in the service, which will start at 9.10am. If your child receives Holy Communion in their own church and you would like them to receive it in school services please speak to Mr Wilson.

We will inform you of the outcome of the inspection as soon as we are able to do so.


Year 5 & 6 Residential Visit  Thank you to all the parents who have paid the initial deposit for the year 5/6 residential visit to Lea Green. Please ensure you log onto Parent Pay and pay the initial deposit by 31st January. We will need to confirm numbers with the centre in early February so need to know exact numbers. Once we know who will be going on the visit, we will send further information out to parents and a meeting will be held nearer the time to give you and your child further details. If you want to discuss the visit in more detail please speak to Mr Hobson.


Year 5 Concert All our Year 5 pupils have been learning to play the drums since September. They have made fantastic progress and would now like to share their skills with parents. If your child is in Year 5 you are invited into school to marvel in their musical abilities. The concert will last for approximately 30 minutes.  Year 5 Concert – CHANGE OF DATE  The concert will take place on Monday 3rd February.


All our Year 5 pupils have been learning to play the drums since September. They have made fantastic progress and would now like to share their skills with parents. If your child is in Year 5 you are invited into school at 2.45pm to marvel in their musical abilities. The concert will last for approximately 30 minutes



Can you spare some HUGS this winter? We are collecting:


H- hats (male, female, all ages, new or used)


U- underwear, new please (male, female all ages)


G- gloves(male, female, all ages, new and used)


S- socks (male, female, all ages, new and used)

There is a large box to collect the items in the school reception area, please send any into school with your child. All items will be distributed amongst the homeless and refugee families, both at home and abroad. Thank you for your support


Swimming This term Year 4 will be going swimming to Glossop Baths. The first session will take place on Monday 13th January. Please make sure your child has their swimming kit in school.


P.E. Kits There are an increasing number of children who are unable to take part in statutory P.E. sessions due to not having a kit in school. Their P.E. kits must be in school every day. We try to go outside for as many sessions as possible but sometimes the weather is too wet and cold so the session has to be rearranged for a different time. Therefore we cannot give exact days for the lesson so need to be flexible and have kits available at all times. The kit must also have indoor pumps and trainers for outside to ensure the safety of all our pupils. Thank you.


Behaviour Policy

We review our behaviour policy every year and staff suggest changes and updates to ensure it remains an effective way to promote positive behaviour. This year our rewards system has being changed. We will no longer operate the school shop. It was felt that the impact of the bank system and shop had reduced considerably and children were no longer inspired by it. We have introduced ‘good to be green, better to be gold’, the full policy will be available on our school website shortly and children are all aware of the new system. Every child will start each day in the green section and they will be rewarded for exemplary behaviours, choices and attitudes with a gold sticker. All children who achieve 5 gold awards in a half term will be invited to a gold treat activity. If children make poor choices they will be given an amber warning and given the opportunity to rectify their behaviours and return to green. If their poor choices are not modified they can be moved to the red zone and parents will be contacted. Red zone behaviours include swearing at pupils or staff, spitting/biting, throwing equipment with the intention to cause harm, physically hurting others intentionally. We are confident that many children will achieve gold stickers and hope that the gold treat activity is well attended. If your child comes out of school at the end of the day with a gold sticker please congratulate them and find out what they have done to receive this. If you require any further clarification about the changes made please talk to your child or their class teacher. Thank you for your ongoing support to make Dinting School a harmonious and effective place to learn and work.

Sharing Assemblies.

Family and friends are invited to come along to our class assemblies to find out what children have been learning about in school. This year the assemblies will take place in the school hall and the rest of school will have their daily collective worship in their classroom to allow more space for visitors and to enable the class assembly pupils more room to perform! All assemblies will start at 9.00am and will last for 20-30 minutes. Visit your childs class page for this terms date for their assembly.

Parental Request Regarding Parking Following recent features on our newsletters regarding parking outside school, a parent has requested that I make a polite request to all car drivers. If you are waiting outside school to collect your child, could you please turn off your car engine. Parents with toddlers or pushchairs are having to walk past a long line of parked vehicles with their engines still running. Exhausts are just at a toddler or baby height and fumes are going into their faces. Whilst we cannot enforce this, we are asking for your support with this to help make drop off and pick up better and safer for everyone. Thank you.

 The Hive A new mental health and wellbeing service is now open for children aged 8-18 years in Glossop. The service provides a safe and confidential space for children to talk. One-to-one appointments are available as well as group sessions. The Hive is open on Mondays 4pm-8pm and is based at the Bureau, Bank House, 22 Henry Street. If you would like more information please call on 0161 330 9223. Children under 13 years require a parent or carer to attend with them.