Our breakfast club is called the Filling Station starts early to provide before school care for any parents who require this service.
The Filling Station will have two start times with different prices and services offered.
 1. Early Birds. A 7.30am start with a choice of two breakfast food items, a drink and a variety of activities to engage the children.
The price per session is £4.00.
2. An 8.15am start with a slice of toast and a drink. The price per session is £2.00.
Mrs Davies leads and coordinates the Filling Station and is assisted by Mr Halliwell.  Please complete a registration form and return if you would like your child to attend the Filling Station. All sessions must be paid for in advance and a registration form must be completed.
Regular daily/weekly sessions can be booked or the service can be used as a one off session as required, please let Mrs Davies or the school office know the day before you require/do not require the session. Sessions that are booked and not taken will have to be paid for if you do not let school know that you child will not be attending.
 Some parents have asked for our OFSTED registration number, help may be available for childcare if parents receive working tax credit. Our number is 112884.




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