L.A.B -  Learning to Achieve Better

We have purchased netbooks for the children to use in class to support all areas of learning access the curriculum, by doing this we have developed our old IT Suite into a learning resource centre, this room is called the L.A.B.

What it is?

This is a fantastic resource room that the school has had for the past year. The name of this classroom was chosen by the children on the School Council. The L.A.B. stands for Learning to Achieve Better and is where Mrs Walsh works every morning and 2 afternoons with groups and individuals . This support to gives a boost their progress and help them catch up or if they are very able to help push and extend them in Literacy and Numeracy. Each lesson lasts 25 mins and the majority of children receive 2 sessions a week.

What it does?

Many pupils benefit from targeted provision designed specifically to meet their individual learning needs which could take a few sessions or could take place over an extended period of time depending on how they progress.  There are several different schemes of work that work best for different learning styles which focus on specific difficulties children may be experiencing such as Beat Dyslexia and Motor Skills United to develop coordination and muscle control to make progress in handwriting and improve speed and fluency. There are several hands on resources such as Numicon, Bingo, flashcards and games to help children engage as quickly as possible with set tasks to enable them to achieve to the best of their ability.

Why have it?

As Dinting School really does care about each and every individual child, the LAB is one place that can really make a difference in a child's attainment in a short space of time. This is due to the very specific targets the children who go to the LAB have. Children enjoy their lessons and can't wait to come again, often checking in advance when their next session is, which is a great testimony to how successful its implementation has been.


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