All children in Year 1-6 receive weekly spellings to learn as part of their homework and handwriting practice.

We have completely reviewed the way we teach spelling in school. We have also taken into account comments made in the annual parent questionnaire and listened to your feedback.


At Dinting we use Spelling Shed from Year 1 to Year 6 to teach spelling. The scheme is divided up into stages and each stage corresponds to the respective year group. The spellings cover all the statutory words and the spelling patterns that they should learn as part of the statutory curriculum.

The children will spend time in lessons learning about the spelling rule before accessing the spellings at home using the assigned games and practise tasks set by the teacher on The Spelling Shed learning platform. All children will be assigned a personal login to access their spellings on a device at home. We highly recommend that children engage with this work at home. Teachers are able to personalise spellings to meet the specific needs of individual children as well as track progress and engagement each week.

Children will complete a spelling test in class each week; the day will depend on the timetable in your child’s class. We don’t just want children to learn spellings for a test, we want them to spell these words correctly in their writing, therefore we will focus on application of spellings within teacher assessments.

Reception children will continue to learn sounds/words in their phonic lessons but will not have formal spelling work sent home.