Dining at Dinting

Although our school is small it benefits from having its own kitchen on the premises and offers pupils a choice of three different dinners a day, plus a salad bar and bread basket. We offer water or a fruit juice drink with the childs meal and there is a selection of fresh fruit as well a dessert. As we have our own kitchen we can offer flexible dining which means a child can have a school dinner on their choice of selected days of the week or if there are is a child on sandwiches that wants a particular dinner, this can be accommodated.

We are also one of the few schools in the High Peak area to provide a coloured band system that enables our children to select the meal they want to eat that day. This ensures that the dinner they want –is the meal they are served, with no risk of a popular meal running out before the end of service.   We also have a number of themed school meals through out the year.  The school dinner menu can be viewed by clicking here.

From September 2014 all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive a free school meal every day. This is a Government initiative known as ‘universal free school meals’, it is not dependent on family circumstances and is offered to every child in those year groups.

If your child has any special dietary requirements please read the full covering letter from School Catering Department and complete the form and return to school with medical referral from the GP or Dietician, with appropriate diet sheets where possible into school so we can ensure all needs are fully met.

School dinners cost £3.25 per day, £16.25 per week. Dinners must be paid for in advance and parents/carers are given the option to pay daily, weekly or termly. At the end of each term a text update is issued to advise how much the next term payment will be and if a child has any credit that is being carried forward.

If your circumstances have changed  and you think you may be eligible for free school meals please pop in and have a chat with Miss Worrall in strict confidence or visit the Derbyshire County Council Website.

"In all my 43 years of working in Education Catering I cannot remember a time when school food was better than it is today, even when we used to bone all the meat and skin the fish. Additionally the menus today are planned to be both nutritionally sound and attractive for the children with lots of imagination and skill deployed to make them as attractive as possible. They are very lucky to have such a forward thinking and progressive service which focuses so clearly on their needs."     - Kate Gee, Chair of Governors.