The purpose of a School Council is to allow Pupils' views to be heard. It gives the children time and space to consider aspects of the School that concern them and their peers and provides them with an opportunity to consider improvements and to devise ways in which problems can be solved.
Giving pupils the opportunity to participate in these discussions makes them feel more valued and can enhance their self-esteem. Our hope is that Dinting pupils understand that their contribution can help shape the future of the school and provide them with a real a voice in their school life. The school council are involved with current developments on our school improvement plan.

Our School Council is made up of a group of children from Years 2 - 6. Two children from each class are voted into position by their fellow classmates. Topics and matters of interest are very much led by the Council Members.

'Within my role as foundation governor I will meet with the School Council.  I look forward to keeping good communication channels between the pupils and the governors.

My first meeting with the School Council 2018-2019 was extremely informative and very enjoyable; I am looking forward to the next one.' Mrs Vicky Jones - Foundation Governor



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